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FTC Data Report: Illegal Robocalls Have Doubled In Last 2 Years

Complaints of illegal robocalls and prerecorded telemarketing voice messages nearly doubled over the last two years, according to a new batch of statistics released by the Federal Trade Commission. The agency's report, which chronicles the millions of ways telemarketers, debt collectors and unscrupulous businesses violate the National Do Not Call Registry, suggests that America may [...]

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Google Robocall Scam Frustrates Small Business Owners

It's a new robocall scam that has Google, one of the largest companies in the world, taking legal action. Small businesses across the country say they're receiving phone calls from "local Google specialists," but the automated voice messages aren't really coming from Google, ZDNet writes. The calls are being placed by marketing firms who falsely [...]

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Chinese Consulate Robocall Scam Infuriates, Swindles New Yorkers

A new robocall scam is making the rounds in New York City. Targeting Chinese and Chinese-American residents, the calls, usually in Mandarin, purport to come from employees at the Chinese consulate, who proceed to tell victims that their tax activity is being investigated by authorities in mainland China. Scammers Impersonate Chinese Officials To Defraud Victims [...]

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FCC Levels Record $120M Fine Against Man Who Allegedly Made 100M Illegal Robocalls

The Federal Communications Commission has announced its highest fine on record, a $120 million penalty imposed on a Florida man who reportedly placed about 100 million illegal robocalls, according to CNN Money. FL Man Defrauded Millions In Illegal Robocalls, FCC Says Adrian Abramovich, a resident of Miami, is "the perpetrator of one of the largest [...]

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