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"I had no idea that I could do anything about these annoying calls." - Client
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Most Robocalls Are Illegal.

Getting unwanted phone calls or text messages? Beyond irritating, spam advertising calls and texts are often violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a federal law that restricts the activity of telemarketers, credit card companies, debt collectors and anyone else who wants to make marketing calls. You can file suit and win, up to $1,500 per illegal call or text.

"Don't listen to another Call." I was astonished. The calls stopped and I was able to recover a hefty award.
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Robocall Help Is Here.

Our TCPA attorneys can help you stop the unwanted calls and texts for good, but we can also help you secure financial compensation. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, private citizens like you have the right to pursue damages in a civil lawsuit. Making illegal robocalls is risky business. In court, each legal violation could be worth up to $1,500.

Stressed Out By Unwanted Calls?

You don't have to field another telemarketing call. Take action by reaching out to our experienced robocall lawyers today for a free legal consultation. Telemarketing is one of the most heavily-regulated industries in America. Chances are that if you're getting calls or texts that you never consented to receive, someone's violating your legal rights.

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$500 - $1,500 Per Illegal Call Or Text!

It's surprising, but true. Most of us receive a few illegal robocalls every week. Each of those calls could be worth up to $1,500 in court.

  • Autodialed calls or text messages to a cell phone
  • Prerecorded voice messages to a cell phone
  • Prerecorded voice messages to a landline

Without your prior express written consent, those are all violations of the law.

Start Building Your Case Today

Ready to get started? You can begin developing a robocall lawsuit right now by documenting every telemarketing call you get.

  • Date and time of call
  • Caller's phone number
  • Caller identity (take screenshots of caller ID)

Hear a long pause before a live representative picks up? Get a prerecorded voice message immediately? You just got a robocall. It was probably illegal. Start taking notes today to strengthen your case.

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