West Virginia Robocall Lawyers: Can You Sue Telemarketers & Debt Collectors?

West Virginia Robocall Lawyers: Can You Sue Telemarketers & Debt Collectors? 2021-08-05T22:12:41-04:00
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West Virginia doesn't have its own law on robocalls, but the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a piece of federal legislation, provides residents with strong protection against telemarketers, debt collectors and scammers.

  • You may be eligible to file a robocall lawsuit
  • Between $500 and $1,500 in compensation for each illegal call or text
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Americans in all 50 states are protected by telephone harassment and certain types of robocalls and prerecorded messages under a law called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Robocalls are illegal when the company calling you doesn't have your express written permission to contact you using automated dialers and prerecorded messages. Unsolicited text messages and faxes are also subject to this law.

If you've been harassed by illegal robocalls, text messages, or faxes in West Virginia, you could have grounds for a lawsuit and recover $500 to $1,500 for every illegal contact.

Does West Virginia Have State Robocall Laws?

While many states have their own legislation governing robocalls, West Virginia is not one of them. However, because the TCPA is a federal law, citizens of West Virginia are protected by the same rules as citizens of all 49 other states and are entitled to the same right to financial compensation when companies break this law.

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Violations Of The TCPA & Compensation For Consumers

Commercial calls are always illegal without express written permission. This applies to telemarketers, businesses, creditors, and other companies. Compensation amounts for any violation of the TCPA start at $500 and triple to $1,500 if the violation is found to be willful.

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